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Telling Time Deluxe

4.8 ( 2818 ratings )
Spil Uddannelse Læring
Forfatter: Christian Larsen Music
0.99 USD

"Telling Time Deluxe" is a perfect educational app to teach your precious one the basics of telling time. With fun animation and great sound effects, this will engage your child and let them have fun, too!

This app is set apart from other time applications by engaging children to interact with the iPad and teaching them to think cognitively. In addition to the standard clock, we also teach days of the week and months of the year. There are four levels:

- telling time with hours only

- telling time with hours and minutes

- identifying days of the week

- identifying months of the year

This is the only all-inclusive "Deluxe" app available and is sure to educate and entertain!

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